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Advanced pre-screening system for GI disorders

Jubaan, currently, is running in stealth mode, but...
Jubban’s mission is to provide an advanced early detection system able to deliver warnings of GI disorders, as opposed to the current scenario where symptoms may indicate advanced disease by the time patients seek medical help.

To date, early screening has been accomplished through a Fecal Occult Blood test (FOBT/FIT), however compliance for this test is low and the reasons patients decline the test are poorly understood and are constantly being studied.  

We are here to solve it.



Jubaan is located in Yokneam Hitech Park and is part of the Alon Medtech Ventures.

Jubaan @ Alon-Medtech, Beit Tavor 2, Yokneam 20692 , POB 128

tel: +972-4-6432991


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